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Calendar structure

The following resource is based on the appendix ‘Lunar letters and other calendar series’ in Charles W. Jones, Bedea Pseudepigraphia: Scientific Writings Falsely Attributed to Bede (London, Oxford University Press, 1939), pp. 108-110. The numbers of the calendar series by Jones are used in the object-oriented catalogue, in which calendars are catalogued according to their structural elements. A number of additional structural elements are identified using letters.

  1. Golden numbers1-19. Indicates the year’s position in a 19-year lunar cycle.
  2. Series A-O, skipping one line, accompanying LPZ-TBL.
  3. Lunar letter series / litterae punctatae, A-U, A.-U., .A-.T.
  4. Dominical Letter series, A-G.
  5. Days of the month by Kalendas, Nonas and Idus.
  6. Series AEIOU, skipping one line.
  7. Series A-K, skipping two lines.
  8. Series A-P, skipping one line.
  9. Series A-U, skipping two lines.
  10. Concurrents, I-VII.
  11. Series A-U, A.-I., skiping one space.
  12. Golden numbers in Greek letters, Α-Τ.

A. Roman solar regulars
B. Egyptian solar regulars
C. Roman lunar regulars
D. Egyptian lunar regulars
E. Zodiac sign
F. Length of solar month
G. Length of lunar month
H. Hours of the night
I. Hours of the day
J. Greek month